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It Doesn't Come Easy

at the El Portal Theater

Watch Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman...
from Smith Sisters Bluegrass singing with me on my song "It Doesn't Come Easy" at the Indie Collaborative Pre-Grammy Showcase at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, CA Feb 8th.


Here Comes the Sun (new-age cover)

from the album "Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect"

Watch the sunrise in Sedona, Arizona...
in summertime while listening to Bruce Lev's new-age version of George Harrison's song "Here Comes the Sun" off his chill/new-age album "Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect"

The "Red Carpet Kissing Bandit" Invades

the Josie Music Awards in Dollywood!

Bruce Lev's interview on the Red Carpet with "Entertainment in the Smokies" gets out of control when the Red Carpet Kissing Bandit suddenly shows up and lays one on David Passmore!
Thanks for the great interview David Passmore & Ronda Smalling

It Doesn't Come Easy

Singing in the Vortex of Sedona, Arizona!
Album: "Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect".
Listen closely to the wonderful back-up vocals and harmonies of Kelli Lewis & Wendi Kilman of "Smith Sisters Bluegrass"!


I've Got the Groove

"Jessica" made it onto the 58th Grammy ballot in the best "Arrangement, Instruments & Vocals" category!
A beautiful adult contemporary ballad about the heartbreak felt by the author whose 2-year old niece was about to move far away. Bruce Lev wrote, produced, and plays acoustic guitar; a wonderful female vocalist named "Juice" (Julia Grayling) sings; and an amazing pianist/keyboardist named Mark Foreman adds his talents to form this top notch production.

Jewish Guy

(parody of John Lennon's "Jealous Guy")


"Catwoman" made it onto the 57th Grammy ballot in the

"Best Rock Song" category!  Bruce's version of the feline temptress is dark & vengeful and lures her prey as a barmaid in search of men who consider themselves as "players".  Watch as she stalks, tortures, and eats her prey and delivers her own style of retribution on the uber-male world!

A groovy video for a groovy song! 

This song has received several songwriting honors.

A "Jewish" parody of John Lennon's song and video "Jealous Guy".  Bruce Lev is himself a Jewish guy and hence knows and understands the "minutia" of what it's like to be a Jewish guy growing up and living in America.  This musical parody makes fun of many of the more humorous aspects of American Jewish life, and which many in the American Jewish community have been making fun of themselves about over the past century.

This music video parody was made not only to have some fun with these chosen aspects of American Jewish life, but also to once again make note of the engrained humor that Jewish people have within themselves and their culture, which has been one of the most enduring and important traits of the Jewish people throughout their history, and to which has helped carry them through nearly 6000 years of existence!

20th Century Man (2016 Josie Music Awards)

Bruce Lev performs his song "20th Century Man" at the 2016 Josie Music Awards after it was chosen as the "Rock Song of the Year" in the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bruce Lev - It Doesn't Come Easy

(LIVE at El Pajarito Nightclub)

Bruce Lev performs his original song 'It Doesn't Come Easy' LIVE at the El Pajarito Nightclub in Phoenix, AZ on May 24th, 2013

Indonesian Girl

This song received a runner-up award from the 2012 'Song of the Year' Contest!

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