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Reviews: Through the vortex - The Sedona Effect

Beach Sloth - 

SKOPE Magazine

Bruce Lev explores a soothing pastoral realm on the spacious “Through the Vortex – The Sedona Effect”. Quite playful, Bruce Lev incorporates a wide variety of styles into the mix, going from field recordings to classical with folksy elements all filtering in. The uniqueness of the album comes from how Bruce Lev creates an entire narrative that helps everything come together ever so elegantly. Such a careful balance helps the album along while Bruce Lev delves into an optimistic spirit, one that feels so rich and real.

Introducing the album on such a rich note, the multifaceted ambitious sprawl of “Jackie’s World” sets the tone for the album. Going for a tender touch “It Doesn’t Come Easy” delves into a new age sort of realm, allowing for synthesizers to wash over everything with the greatest of ease. Piano work becomes quite passionate on the joyous “In & Away” allowing for all to come together perfectly. Many layers of sound intermingle with a dreamy haze on the album highlight, the blissful take of “Sedona In Summertime”. Sweeping strings give “Here Comes The Sun” a cinematic scope to it. Rich, elegant string work recalls early High Llamas with “Lullaby For Jessica”. Neatly pulling everything together is the hushed awe of the closer “Rejuvenation”. Full of hope and happiness, the piece ends the album with such grace.

With “Through the Vortex – The Sedona Effect” Bruce Lev proves to be a deft storyteller, creating lush worlds.

Steve Sheppard - 

One World Music Reviews

An album to raise the energies, bright and filled with light, and wonderfully inspiring, Bruce Lev has produced an album packed with positivity and some simply divine compositions, all brilliantly produced and performed, a TOTAL WINNER of an album on all levels, a MUST BUY at all costs!

Listen to Steve's wonderful AUDIO REVIEW by clicking HERE

Dimitri Kovachev - 

Composer & Producer

"Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect" takes you on a flight to the beautiful world of Jackie.  It's light , however sophisticated, and right at the sweet spot with acoustic sounds and a Beatlesque melody and feel.


It continues as a non- stop uninterrupted spiritual journey, to which the listener doesn’t want to see the end. 

And then "In & Way" culminates to blistering symphonic epic heights.

And as a no surprise, if we had any doubts, the new-age version of George Harrison's "Here Comes the Sun" reminds us that no matter what Here Comes The Sun.

And after a short levitation we shall overcome our hesitation and step firmly back into reality.

I supper dig it!  OutstandingI

It belongs on the top of new age category!

Dimitri K Productions

Michael McKenna - 

Nor'easter Magazine

Bruce Lev - “Through the Vortex”

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, this voting member of the Grammy's, (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences – NARAS) and award-winning original artist, has taken up the sounds of what he calls “Chill” and the New Age genres of music. His background and influences by The Beatles has given him a great basis on how he creates and portrays his originality.

This 8-track CD opens with “Jackie's World” where you hear the ivories setting the pace for this effort The simplistic acoustic guitar and some deep vocals in the mold of a Simon & Garfunkel capture the listener immediately. The lyrics give you a view of what is in that young lady's mind and how she deals with it...AMAZING!


“It Don't Come Easy”, which features the backup vox of Kelli Lewis and Wendi Kilman, along with Mark 4 Man's awesome piano work, gives this track great feeling and balance. TOUCHING! “In & Away” is layered with many different sounds that resembles mid-era Beatles in the texture and composition. Bruce's vocals take you to another place for an experience you will enjoy. RETRO-MOD!

“Sedona in the Summertime” exposes the sheer talent and creativity that Bruce projects with a passion that one has to experience first hand! The piano work is spot-on ans sets the tone for the entire song. EXCELLENT!

“Here Comes the Sun” is done to perfection. Bruce adds his own take on this classic which would have made George Harrison proud. WAY COOL!


“Lullabye for Jessica” features the piercing cello work of Li Ma and the harp of Mark 4 Man that gives this instrumental a full flavor. NICE!


“Bell Bottom Girl” takes one back to the days of the 60's when they were all the rage. The descriptive portrayed in the lyrics give you a full picture of those past times. HEARTFELT!


The final number, “Rejuvenation”, is the perfect piece that puts the icing on the cake. This track features famous quotations of FDR, MLK and JFK just to name a few. This was influenced by the devastating 'Slide Fire of 2014'. GREAT REMBRANCE!

Bruce's storytelling is front & center and the discerning listener is exposed to an awesome display of originality and creativity. This is a great followup to “The Declaration of IndependenTS!



I give this my highest rating on the Nor'easter Storm Scale, a rousing FORCE 5! Well Done Bruce!

CD review by Michael McKenna
McKenna Review's and Nor'easter Magazine

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