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Sedona, Arizona


           Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful, inspiring, rejuvenating, and spiritual town located in between the cities of Phoenix and Flagstaff.  Most renowned for its sandstone (red rock) formations that appear to glow in brilliant orange and red colors during sunrise and sunset, magnetic rock accumulations form a series of electric and magnetic energy vortexes that can be physically felt when standing in these locations.  These vortexes provide many with spiritual and physical rejuvenation.  The Oak Creek Village and Canyon portion of the surrounding region of Sedona flows from the Flagstaff area southward and through the downtown area.  The beautiful rock formations, temperate year-round weather conditions, the canyon walls, lush vegetation, burgeoning wildlife, and flowing creek have inspired ancient American Indian tribes for thousands of years and more recent Anglo-American settlers and visitors for nearly 150 years to inhabit and frequently visit this magical area.  Sedona was named by its first Post Master Theodore Schnebly for his wife Sedona Schnebly in 1902. 

            Over the past 60 years Sedona has become a mecca for holistic health practitioners, psychic readers, and inspired artists of all types from around the world, including painters, sculptors, writers of poetry and music, and more.  In fact, Sedona has inspired more New Age musical artists than anywhere in the world.

            Bruce Lev has also been drawn to and inspired by Sedona and the Oak Creek Canyon.  After years of the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life, Bruce discovered Sedona in 2011 and has slowly transformed into a more creative, introspective, and relaxed person.  In 2017 Bruce began experimenting in the “Chill” and “New Age” genres of music, and with the help of the amazing musical talents of Mark 4Man and the engineering prowess of Ryan Wenzel, Bruce transformed his Beatlesque style of songwriting and producing by sending them “Through the Vortex” of Sedona to form this new and unique sound and style, hence coined by Bruce as “Chill Age” music.

            One of the main influences for the songs on “Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect” was the devastating “Slide Fire” of 2014, which ripped through the Oak Creek Canyon for miles.  This heartbreaking event was bravely fought by fire and rescue crews and finally contained.  However, it took quite a few years for the trees, vegetation, and wild life to return.  The rejuvenation process was a magical inspiration and reflected in the final song on this album.

            Bruce is hopeful the listeners of “Through the Vortex - The Sedona Effect” will listen in a private and comfortable setting, use headphones to appreciate the wonderful fidelity of these recordings, and take a mesmerizing and soothing audio trip through the Oak Creek Canyon and the Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona.        

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