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Bruce (Doctor) Lev is a longtime Beatles fanatic who has been intrigued by the “Paul-Is-Dead” mystery since the seventies.  He has given dozens of lectures and written several papers on the topic. 


A New York native, Bruce moved to Washington, D.C. and earned a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Maryland.  He then worked with the U.S. Navy developing weapons and propulsion systems before beginning a career in the United States Patent Office and becoming an inventor as well.  Bruce’s other interests include composing, producing, and performing music in the style of the Beatles.  

It has become one of Bruce’s missions in life to make sure that the world realizes and never forgets that the Beatles were not just some of the greatest songwriters, singers, performers, and personalities of all time, but that they were also some of the greatest “artists” of all time.  And, that the “Paul-Is-Dead” mystery exemplifies and has proven to be one of the most intriguing and exciting portions of their great artistry and magic.

It is important to Bruce that everyone understands that it is not whether Paul McCartney really died or not, but to enjoy and be entertained by the ultimate search for clues and answers, and to rediscover the Beatles’ lost art of mystery and gamesmanship.


You can listen to Bruce's music along with music videos and more at his official music website:

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